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Shred Stixx Europe is your destination for the most technologically advanced hand-crafted wakesurfers and accessories available. Every board has been designed by Nick Wiersema of Chaos Surf Company, using the highest quality materials and state of the art technology. With over 30 years of experience as a shaper and competitive surfer, an unmatched wealth of knowledge goes into every design. Every Chaos Series ™ starts with hand shaped, pressure-fused EPS, iFoam or EFC blank from Marko Foam manufactured specifically for the surfboard industry, no soft, crumbly insulation foam billets used here. Each hand-shaped blank is then laminated with multiple arrays high-strength S-glass and structure fabrics (Carbon, Aramid, etc. fabrics), and our own proprietary blend of epoxy resin for the lightest, brightest, laminations that truly resist yellowing.
This belief system is core to every Chaos designed product, from the Chaos fin system, the first and only fin system developed to take advantage of the forces at play with a watercraft driven displacement wave, and the Chaos Pro Traction, the grippiest traction system available. Developed by surfers for surfers. is the only dealer to sell Shred Stixx/ Chaos Surf wakesurf board and accessories in Europe - Get in touch !

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